In a world where technology takes centre stage, the stories we usually hear revolve around the entrepreneurs who harness its power for profit. We're all familiar with the tales of plucky start-ups, launching their businesses from humble garages but what about the unsung heroes who laid the foundations, without which these businesses wouldn’t exist? Their stories are largely untold.

Many of the pioneers who shaped our connectedworld did so without any expectation of fame or personal gain. Unsung Heroes of the Information Age pays tribute to these selfless trailblazers and celebrates the original spirit of the Information Age - a spirit characterised by openness,generosity, and collaboration. Long may it continue. 

Information is power. Some chose to exploit it, while others set it free. It's the battle at the heart of the internet. UnsungHeroes of the Information Age adds balance to the historical record, telling the stories of the freedom fighters.

Jim Boulton

Jim Boulton is the author of the Unsung Heroes of the Information Age. He also wrote 100 Ideas that Changed the Web and curates 64 Bits, an exhibition of iconic websites that shaped the early web.


JAKe is an illustrator, graphic designer, comic artist, writer and animation director based in London. His iconic work for the Prodigy on the Fat of The Land LP brought him to the attention of an international audience. His work for Lucasfilm on the Star Wars and Indiana Jones properties has been reproduced worldwide.

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Smiley Studios

Philip Smiley was born in Hawaii, raised in rural Virgina, and studied fine art in New York. He has lived in London most of his adult life but currently resides in Amsterdam. Philip has produced illustrations and artworks for clients including Dazed and Confused, Comme Des Garcons, Burberry and Stella McCartney.

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